Canal Restoration at Kymin East

Canal Restoration at Kymin East

The Kymin East length is intended to be a showpiece of how we will continue to restore other stretches of the H&G Canal – on the basis of minimum intervention and the maximum retention of existing trees. The primary objective is that from the adjoining fields the site will retain a look much as today and that upon ultimate completion of this length public access will also have been delivered so all can fully enjoy this attractive stretch of the Canal. 

Thanks to the generous support of the landowner the Trust has been able to access a further 1,000 yards of the Canal at Kymin East.

The Waterway Recovery Group held their annual National Reunion Weekend during the second weekend in November 2012 … and they chose the H&G Canal as the venue – with over 125 WRGies attending from all over the country. 

As a part of their activities on the H&G Canal that weekend WRG cleared an agreed defined line of the Canal and towpath at Kymin East.

Early in 2013 the H&G Volunteers continued with the clearance in line with the landowners guidelines. The canal bed has been cleared and is in water after heavy rain.

The towpath is maintained and provides a lovely walk along to Barrs Lock and the Yarkhill site. If walking the site please keep to the towpath.

Future Plans

Onging maintenance is vital, especially during ther warmer months, and new volunteer assistance is always welcomed.

Task include 

  • Keeping the site neat and tidy for walking
  • Cutting the grass with the Trust's Grillo mower
  • Making good to any damage causing issues with the towpath and access to the site for walkers
  • Creating and erecting signage to support the canal objectives and land owners.

Ultimately the aim is to link up the Kymin East section of the canal the Yarkhill section to the east, including re-construction of Barrs Lock of which little remains as these images of past investigation works show.