Corporate Governance

H&G CT Trustees

The current Board of Trustees includes:

Ralph Barber
Philip Marshall
Company Secretary and Finance
Eamonn McGurk
Tony Sellwood
Nigel Jeffries
Ed Helps
Strategy Chair and Health and Safety
Debbie Barber
Fund Raising
Vaughan Welch

H&G CT Honorary Life Presidents

Janet Moult

Janet Moult

Janet Moult has worked in so many different ways to progress the work of the H&G CT including two terms as Chairman. Janet continues to work for H&G CT in a number of supportive ways, in Sales and Promotion and distribution of The Wharfinger.

Janet also runs the very successful Monthly Socials at Much Marcle and the Grand Holiday Draw.

On many occasions over the years, despite other commitments, Janet has dependably stepped into the breach to get a task successfully completed.

A resumé of Janet’s extensive contribution to the work of the H&G CT can be found on page 21 of edition 130 of The Wharfinger.

Cliff Penny

Cliff Penny

Cliff Penny was the last Chairman of the former Canal Society and the first Chairman of the H&G Canal Trust and has served on the Committee/Council of Management of the Society/H&G Canal Trust for 30 years.

Cliff held senior positions within the water industry and then eight years running a highly regarded specialist consultancy, Penny Environmental & Planning with son David.

Cliff has utilised his professional skills as a Chartered Civil Engineer and Chartered Town Planner to promote and successfully defend the H&G Canal in numerous ways, assisted by son David, who has taken over all of this crucial aspect for H&G CT in the more recent years.

Our Members will all know Cliff as the former Editor of The Wharfinger.

Both Janet and Cliff have frequently acknowledged that their successes would not have been possible without the teamwork of our valued H&G CT volunteers – with both pen and spade and every conceivable way in between. Whilst no individual can ever justifiably claim to be responsible for the success of an organisation such as ours,

Janet and Cliff’s contributions are recognised by the Board of Trustees as playing a significant part in the successes of the H&G CT to date – hence the unanimous decision to make both Janet and Cliff Honorary Life Presidents.

Sadly, after a long period of ill health, Cliff  passed away in April 2019.

H&G CT Vice Presidents
R. E. Barnes TD Richard Graham MPMark Harper MP Duff Hart-Davis
James Hervey-Bathurst CBE DL Sir John Lushington BtJesse Norman MP Diana Organ
Bill Wiggin MP

H&G CT Corporate Members, Supporters and Partners

Some of the organisations who have given support to Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust.

H&G CT Articles of Association and Financial Reports

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